Sundering Undone: The Mending of Shattered Minds Through a Divine Promise

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August 2007



How does God feel when children are sadistically abused? How does God protect these children without violating humanity's free will? And years later, how does God assist in the healing process? "Sundering Undone" is the true story of five women who discovered the nature of God within and beyond themselves as they traveled through a profound healing experience. It explores the multiplicity of mind and soul as the divine protective mechanism by which children survive otherwise unbearable abuse. "Sundering Undone" takes you deep within the mind to a healing place, to beings of light, to miracles and revelations, to the core of self, to God. . "Let them rant and bloody and shatter But know this: you were never alone for all their slaughtering I hid and protected your core. Every tear ever shed, every scream ever uttered, echoes in my heart. And at a time known only to me I will make it right To each of my delicate, dear Females ever sullied."

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