The Big Z: The Carlos Zambrano Story

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Oktober 2007



Real sports heroes are harder and harder to find-especially those who exhibit genuine humility even after achieving stardom. But Carlos Zambrano is one such hero. Growing up in the most humble of circumstances in a poor neighborhood of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, the Big Z was instilled with Christian fath and values that sustained him as he overcame obstacles in his long and sometimes difficult climb up the ladder to the big leagues. No one in his family thought the aggressive and spirited young man, nicknamed El Toro, was destined for an athletic career. He was clumsy in sports, and when he finally landed a spot on a local baseball team, he became a benchwarmer only allowed to play in the late innings when his team was either way ahead or way behind. In the Big Z: The Carlos Zambrano Story, readers will discover how determination, tenacity, and above all, an unwavering faith in God enabled this young Venezuelan to mature, develop his athletic abilities, and untimately rise to sta

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