Algae and Human Affairs

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August 2007



Algae and Human Affairs provides a comprehensive survey of the major roles of algae in present and future human life.


Editors' preface; Part I. Algae and Their Role in Natural Ecosystems: 1. The algae: an overview Marilyn M. Harlin and W. Marshall Darley; 2. Structure and role of algae in tropical reef communities Mark M. Littler and Diane S. Littler; 3. Algae and the environment: the Great Lakes case Eugene F. Stoermer; Part II. Algae for Food and Food Supplements: 4. Porphyra as food: cultivation and economics Thomas F. Mumford Jr and Akio Miura; 5. Cultivated edible kelp Louis D. Druehl; 6. Food and food products from seaweeds Isabella A. Abbott; 7. Spirulina: a model for microalgae as human food Alan Jassby; 8. Some public health aspects of microalgal products Alan Jassby; Part III. Algae in Industry, Environmental Management, and Agriculture: 9. Commercial production and applications of algal hydrocolloids Jerry G. Lewis, Norman F. Stanley and G. Gordon Guist; 10. Lipids and polyols from microalgae Kenneth G. Spencer; 11. The role of microalgae in liquid waste treatment and reclamation William J. Oswald; 12. Hydrogen production by algal water splitting Elias Greenbaum; 13. Products from fossil algae Richard W. George; 14. Algae and agriculture Blaine Metting, William R. Rayburn and Pierre A. Reynaud; Part IV. Adverse Impacts of Algae: 15. Marine dinoflagellate blooms: dynamics and impacts Karen A. Steidinger and Gabriel A. Vargo; 16. Hazards of freshwater blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) Paul R. Gorham and Wayne W. Carmichael; 17. Marine biofouling L. V. Evans; 18. Algae as weeds: economic impact, ecology and management alternatives Carole A. Lembi, Steven W. O'Neal and David F. Spencer; Part V. The Future of Algae in Human Affairs: 19. Algae in space Robert A. Wharton Jr, David T. Smernoff and Maurice M. Averner; 20. The genetic improvement of algae; progress and prospects John P. van der Meer; 21. A future of phycotechnology Arthur Michio Nonomura; Indexes.


"The editors of this volume have nicely blended historical facts with current and possible future uses of algae by human society...an excellent addition for all academic libraries with curricula in the biological sciences." Choice "...appealing as a reliable source of scholarly information about applied aspects of the diverse assemblage of photosynthetic organisms--the algae." Bioscience
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