Health and Zionism: The Israeli Health Care System, 1948-1960

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September 2008



An exploration of the major conflicts and historic events that shaped the current Israeli health care system.


Health and Zionism is a detailed, definitive history of the Israeli health care system during the early years of the state. Building on her prior book, The Workers' Health Fund in Eretz Israel: Kupat Holim, 1911-1937, Shifra Shvarts extends the story from 1948 to 1960, the formative period for Israel's medical system, known worldwide for comprehensive, quality care built on a heritage of being stretched beyond conceivable limits by mass immigration. The narrative reflects a struggle between centralized government control of medical care, and a pluralistic, diversified system open to all, with advanced hospital care and world-class biomedical research. A fascinating account of landmark developments. -- Russell A. Stone, professor of sociology and director, Center for Israel Studies, American University, Washington DC This perceptive analysis of the evolution of Israel's healthcare system provides fascinating insights based on an exhaustive analysis of a wide variety of hitherto unavailable documents and conversations. -- Shimon Glick, MD, professor emeritus of internal medicine, Ben Gurion University
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