Bsa 500 & 600 Twins

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Just like having your own BSA Twin expert by your side, this book uses photos and unique scoring system to guide you through the buying process smoothly and without expensive mistakes.


1 - Is it the bike for you?;
2 - Cost considerations;
3 - Living with a BSA Twin;
4 - Relative values;
5 - Before you view;
6 - 10min evaluation;
7 - Key points;
8 - Serious evaluation;
9 - Auctions;
10 - Paperwork;
11 - What's it worth to you?;
12 - Do you really want to restore?;
13 - Paint faults;
14 - Lack of use problems;
15 - The community;
16 - Vital statistics.


Peter Henshaw has had an enthusiasm for anything with wheels from an early age - from bicycles to 500hp tractors. He was the Editor of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure for five years before going freelance, and now contributes to a whole range of transport magazines including MSL, TAG, A to B and Tractor, as well as The Telegraph. He's also written over 30 books, including 10 about bikes, and is an all-year-round motorcyclist who does not own a car.


Rapid Bikes, November 2008
Australian magazine

Peter Henshaw has seen more British motorcycles than most in his time and is probably the best guy in the world to liaise with when buying a British machine. As a result, be has created 'BSA 500 & 650 Twins - The Essential Buyer's Guide.' His pocket-sized book covers all the aspects of buying a Beezer. What to look for, how to assess a potential new love and most importantly, what they're worth. Also covered are all the important bits like advice on running costs, model history and vital statistics and how to spot a bad bike before you hand over your hard-earned cash. 'BSA 500 & 650 Twins - The Essential Buyer's Guide' by Peter Henshaw is a very handy little gem.
-NZ Motorcycle Trader & News, June 2008
New Zealand magazine

Sometimes living under the shadow of the flashier, high profile Triumph Twins, the equivalent BSAs were just as numerous, and were exported all over the world. BSA was often seen as a less glamorous marque than Triumph or Norton, associated more with commuting and sidecars than coffee bar cowboys, but that doesn't detract from its collect ability today as the bikes have become highly usable, enjoyable classics. This book is a practical guide to buying one of these bikes and covers the complete range, from the very first 1946 500cc A7 to the final 1973 650cc A65s. Photos and a unique scoring system smoothly guide you through the buying process without making expensive mistakes. One hundred color photos, useful appendices and expert advice mean that this book could save you thousands.
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