Still Summer

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Januar 2008



Twenty years ago they were high school royalty but life for Tracy and Holly has now subsided into suburban contentment. So when glamourous widowed Olivia returns to America, they decide to celebrate their reunion onboard a luxurious boat in the Caribbean. Accompanied by Tracy's unruly teenage daughter, the three friends set sail for the holiday of a lifetime. But what awaits them is more terrifying than anything they could have imagined. As their dream trip turns into a desperate fight for survival, the women soon find themselves faced with dwindling supplies, piracy and the deep, lonely ocean. To survive, they must rely on the bonds that have held them close all these years - even as secrets, old alliances and new treacheries push them beyond endurance. In her breathtaking new novel of suspense, Jacquelyn Mitchard explores the limits of friendship and the truths that bind us to each other forever.


Jacquelyn Mitchard is a former newspaper columnist and now lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and seven children. She has written seven novels, many of them bestsellers in the US, Australia and New Zealand.


'Full of surprises, revelations and the complexities and joys of longtime friendship, you will savour every word and hope the story never ends.' -- Adriana Trigiani 'Slowly and expertly, Mitchard ratchets up the tension in this pulse-pounding tale of courage, betrayal, and high-seas terror' -- Tess Gerritsen 'Mitchard's prose is page turning' -- Myslexia Praise for A Cage of Stars: 'A first-rate storyteller' -- Newsweek 'Cage of Stars explores one family's irrevocable change in an instant of violence ... Jacquelyn Mitchard just keeps getting better and better' -- Jodi Picoult
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