Microeconomics for Business

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November 2007



This book breaks away from standard microeconomics textbooks for management students in numerous ways. Some of its relevant and useful features are: · A strong emphasis on concepts, their explanation, understanding and application · Graphical and logical derivations supplemented by economic intuition in easy-to-understand English, while retaining the rigour of algebraic treatment · Numerous real-life examples, largely pertaining to India · Two unique chapters: Demand for Assets and Game Theory and Economic Applications · Questions at the end of each chapter, emphasising the application of concepts This book will be valuable for BBA and B.Com. students and also for those pursuing Managerial Economics at the Masters level.


Foreword - J K Goyal
Setting Norms
Consumer Behaviour
Applications of Consumer Theory
Demand Estimation and Forecasting
Demand for Assets
Types of Firms, Their Goals and Production
Cost of Production and Financing of a Firm
Profit Maximisation, Perfect Competition and the Supply Curve
Demand, Supply and Equilibrium
Optimality of a Competitive Market Structure, Market Failure and Corrective Measures
Game Theory and Economic Applications
Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
Factor Markets


Satya P Das is a Professor of Economics at the Statistical Institute, New Delhi. Previously, he was a Professor of Economics at Indiana University and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA, and has held visiting positions at various universities in different countries. He has authored the Class XII NCERT Textbook Introductory Microeconomics (2003) and the monograph New Perspectives on Business Cycles: An Analysis of Inequality and Heterogeneity (1993), and is a regular contributor to journals in economics. His current research interests include Economic Modelling of Terrorism, Impact of International Trade on Product Quality as well as various issues relating to Growth, Development and Distribution. He is the founding editor of Indian Growth and Development Review.

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