The Chansons of Orlando Di Lasso and Their Protestant Listeners: Typhus and Tunisia

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Januar 2001



Presents a study of how the secular lyrics of the French composer Orlando di Lasso were reworked by Protestant printers in the sixteenth century to convey new spiritual meanings. This title explores the history of these chansons in print, and the history of the spiritual attitudes that shaped their reception among the Huguenots.


Music, piety, and printing in 16th-century France; the Chansons and their listeners; courtly love and its spiritual tropes; Marot, the Carnivalesque, and the preacher's voice; songs for the spiritual self; the spiritual conversion of Ronsard's poetry; Lasso's Chansons in printed sets; authorizing the book. Appendices: texts and translations of preface; printing privileges mentioned in publications of Lassus's music issued by Le Roy et Ballard.


A very useful volume for the study of this period of musical history. CHOICE A well-researched and informative study. EARLY MUSIC Freedman's sensitive exposition of musico-textual meaning serves as a model for how to approach any texted sixteenth-century genre...Freedman's book is a uniquely positioned reception study that draws on a sixteenth-century audience's own responses to the realms of meaning inherent in a specific oeuvre. JOURNAL OF AMERICAN MUSICOLOGICAL SOCIETY
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