The Cold War: The Great Powers and Their Allies

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Covers the Cold War's main adversaries, the USAand USSR, their immediate allies and their spheres of influence in a divided post-war Europe. Looks at the Cold War from both perspectives.
Puts the Cold War into context.
Looks to the future of the post Cold War world.
Discusses the importance of domestic issues and how they influenced the course and outcome of the Cold War.
Includes previously unseen material about the Stalin and post-Stalin era.


PART ONE: OVERVIEW 1. The Cold war: An Overview 2. The Strategic Dimension of East-West competition PART TWO: EAST-WEST RELATIONS 1945-1991 3. The Start of the Cold War 4. The Nadir of the Cold War 5. The Kruschev Years -- Detentes, Challenges, Crises 6. The Vietnam War and Other Proxy Conflicts of the 1960s and 1970s 7. Detente in Europe 8. The United States, China and the World 9. The rise and fall of Detente in the 1960s and 1970s 10. Tension and the ending of the Cold war in the 1980s PART THREE: EUROPE WEST AND EAST AND THE SINO-SOCIET SPLIT 11. Western Europe I: The Political Order 12. Western Europe II: France, Germany, Britain, and the USA 13. Western Europe III: The European Union 14. Splits in the Communist World 15. Eastern Europe since 1957 PART FOUR: CONCLUSION 16. Perspectives on the Cold War and its Aftermath


J.P.D. Dunbabin, formerly Reader in International Relations at Oxford University, has published over a wide range of topics including British and international history, The League of Nations and the United Nations.


Reviews of the first edition: '[This volume] represents quite a remarkable achievement, drawing together the results of a vast array of research on post-war international affairs in a readable and remarkably well-structured way'. History 'Dunbabin's comprehensive, very detailed, and well-analysed book may well become one of the standard textbooks on the Cold War'. The Slavonic Review
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