Customer Visits: Building a Better Market Focus

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April 2008



Visits to customers by a team of marketers and engineers play an important role in exploring customer satisfaction. This book provides step-by-step instructions for making use of this market research technique. It contains several examples which explain how to set feasible objectives and how to select the right kind of customers to visit.


Part 1. Rationale;
1. Why Visit Customers?;
2. Customer Visits as a Distinctive Approach to Market Research;
3. Limits, Boundary Cases, and the Sweet Spot for Customer Visits;
Part 2. Procedures;
4. Programmatic, Ad Hoc, and Hybrid Approaches to Visiting Customers;
5. Planning a Program of Visits;
6. Budgets, Recruitment, Coordination, Team Preparation, and Time Line;
7. Selecting Customers to Visit;
8. Preparing a Discussion Guide;
9. Constructing Good Questions;
10. Conducting the Visits;
11. Completing the Visit Program;
Part 3. Analysis;
12. Generalizability of Visit Data;
13. Procedures for the Analysis of Visit Data;
14. The Place of Customer Visits within the Market Research Toolbox; Appendix: Checklist for Conducting a Program of Customer Visits; Bibliography; About the Author; Index.
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