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April 2008



A boy has been crucified in Galway city. People are shocked; the broadsheets debate how the brutal death reflects the state of the nation; the Irish Church is scandalized. No further action is taken. Then the sister of the murdered boy is burned alive and PI Jack Taylor decides to take matters into his own hands. Taylor's investigations take him to old city haunts where he encounters ghosts - living and dead. But what he eventually finds surpasses even his darkest imaginings


Ken Bruen, 1951 im irischen Galway geboren, promovierte am Trinity College in Dublin über die "Metaphysik im urbanen Umfeld", unterrichtete Englisch in Singapur, Japan, Südamerika und Saudi-Arabien, arbeitete als Wachmann im World Trade Center, saß in Rio sechs Monate im Gefängnis und war ein halbes Jahr lang mit einer griechischen Millionärstochter verheiratet. Seine mehr als dreißig Romane sind in über sechs Sprachen übersetzt worden.


"Where Bruen really scores is in his intimate explorations of Taylor's character, Galway City and of modern Ireland. Using language like a weapon, his humour stops the reader drowning in rain, Jameson's and self-pity. Less a whodunit that a what-to-do-about-it, this is a compelling portrait of a haunted man." Guardian "Bruen's writing is as bleak and spare as Taylor's take on modern Ireland, but you'll end up hooked on this series of home-grown, gritty crime stories as Jack Taylor is on Ireland." Irish Independent "I cannot recommend this series highly enough - if you like stark reality, if you can handle one man making his own decisions about his life ... then do yourself a favour and read Cross." Eurocrime.com "Vintage Ken Bruen. Clipped prose and mordant humour are coupled to a plot that's just about as violent as anything he has ever written. Bruen has the uncanny ability to describe the most touching of moments with heart-rending effectiveness and lyrical beauty." Mean Streets "Ken Bruen is one of Ireland's leading crime writers...this is snappy, knowing writing." -- Sunday Express 20080511
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