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Geert Mak spent the year 1999 criss-crossing the continent, tracing the history of Europe from Verdun to Berlin, St Petersburg to Auschwitz, Kiev to Srebrenica. He set off in search of evidence and witnesses, looking to define the condition of Europe at the verge of a new millennium. The result is mesmerising: as a sharp-eyed journalist and a hugely imaginative historian, Mak makes IN EUROPE a dazzling account of that journey, full of diaries, newspaper reports and memoirs, and the voices of prominent figures and unknown players; from the grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II to Adriana Warno in Poland, with her holiday job at the gates of the camp at Birkenau. Mak combines the larger story of twentieth-century Europe with details that suddenly give it a face, a taste and a smell. In Europe is a masterpiece; it reads like the epic novel of the continent's most extraordinary century.




Geert Mak is a journalist and historian, and one of Holland's bestselling writers; his books include Amsterdam and Jorwerd.


"Fascinating, informative, sometimes exhilarating, often painful, and quite impossible to summarise... This is a splendidly panoramic picture of our common European home, a book to read through and then to dip into frequently...I thoroughly recommend his book" -- Allan Massie Literary Review "A broader travelling history of the whole of Europe's 20th century. As befits a journalist with an eye for bad news, he also has much more to say on its calamitous first half than on its more successful second half... Mr Mak tells this part of the story vividly and in great, gory detail, moving from grim fields of battle (Verdun, Stalingrad) to places of revolution (Petrograd, Berlin), and on to ghastly charnel-houses of death and destruction (Auschwitz, Dresden)" Economist "An ingenious geographical-chronological structure ... It's impossible not to get drawn into this book" -- Noel Malcolm Sunday Telegraph "The pace rarely slackens and every page sparkles with insight" Herald "In Europe is not so much a work of history, nor is it strictly a travelogue of the present; it is part of a growing genre that is sometimes referred to as the 'history of the present', but might just as well be the 'presence of the past'. It is undoubtedly a spectacular and beautifully crafted piece of such writing" -- Isabella Thomas Sunday Times
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