Computational Protein-Protein Interactions

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A description of fundamental and applied aspects of the usefulness of computations when approaching protein-protein interactions, this book incorporates different views of the same biochemical problem from sequence to structure to energetics. It covers protein-protein interaction prediction and dynamics, design, drug design for inhibition, and uses for predicting function. The text provides an overview of the topic with general chapters understandable by students and junior researches in this area, while also providing advanced material for more specialized readers. The chapters detail the complexity of protein interaction studies and inform readers of potential caveats that might be involved.


Basic Principles of Protein-Protein Interaction, J. Janin Low-Resolution Recognition Factors Determine Major Characteristics of the Energy Landscape in Protein-Protein Interaction, I.A. Vakser The Molecular Architecture of Protein-Protein Binding Sites, E.J. Sundberg Mapping Protein Function by Combinatorial Mutagenesis, G. Pal and S.S. Sidhu The Association of Protein-Protein Complexes, G. Schreiber Computational Simulations of Protein-Protein and Protein-Nucleic Acid Association, G.V. Pachov, R.R. Gabdoulline, and R.C. Wade Computational Design of Protein-Protein Interactions, J.M. Shifman Protein-Protein Docking, H. Hwang, B. Pierce, and Z. Weng Prediction of Protein Interaction Sites, Y. Ofran Predicting Molecular Interactions in Structural Proteomics, I. Kufareva and R. Abagyan Rearrangements and Expansion of the Domain Content in Proteins Frequently Increase the Protein Connectivity in the Protein-Protein Interaction Network, I. Cohen-Gihon, R. Sharan, and R. Nussinov Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Their Recognition Functions, V.N. Uversky, M. Fuxreiter, C.J. Oldfield, A.K. Dunker, and P. Tompa Identification of Druggable Hot Spots on Proteins and in Protein-Protein Interfaces, D. Beglov, R. Brenke, G.-Y. Chuang, D. Hall, M. Landon, C.H. Ngan, Y. Shen, S. Thiel, B. Zerbe, D. Kozakov, and S. Vajda Designing Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitors, M. Montes Index


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