Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls -- Elementary Level: A Workbook for Educators

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In "Boys and Girls Learn Differently," Gurian laid out the origin and nature of gender differences in the classroom. Drawing on the latest brain research, this workbook presents practical strategies, lessons, and activities that have been field-tested and is an essential resource for teachers who want to help students do their best--whatever their gender.


About This Book. The Authors. About the Gurian Institute. Acknowledgments. 1 The Science of Boy-Girl Learning Differences. 2 Keep 'Em Moving: Incorporating Movement Across the Curriculum. 3 Make It Visual: Tools to Support Your Spatial Learners. 4 Empower the Learner: Giving Students Choice and Control. 5 Get Them Learning Together: Increasing Opportunities for Social Interaction. 6 Making It Matter: Finding Ways to Make Learning Real. 7 Art Smart: Blending Art and Music into the Core Curriculum. 8 Connecting with Your Students: Promoting Learning Through Teacher-Child Relationships. 9 Building Character: The Foundation for Learning and Life. 10 The Home Stretch: Getting Parents and Teachers on the Same Page. Epilogue. Sources. Index.


Michael Gurian is the New York Times best-selling author of The Wonder of Boys and nineteen other books, including Boys and Girls Learn Differently! , A Fine Young Man , The Good Son , The Wonder of Girls , and The Minds of Boys . He is a pioneer in the fields of family development and education and has appeared on Today , Good Morning America , CNN, NPR, and in The New York Times , USA Today , Time , Newsweek , and elsewhere. Kathy Stevens, coauthor of The Minds of Boys , is the training director of the Gurian Institute and has worked in education, child development, and the nonprofit sector for more than thirty years in programs as diverse as juvenile and adult corrections, cultural competency training, domestic violence prevention, and women's issues. Kelley King is director of the Gurian Institute Education Division. She has been a teacher and school principal for more than twenty years.


With the school year rapidly coming to a close, here's a book you might want to give your child's teacher as a thank you gift. ( Aptos Times , 05/08)
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