Traditional Thai Yoga: The Postures and Healing Practices of Ruesri Dat Ton

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April 2008



This complete guide to the ancient technique of Ruesri Dat Ton, also known as Thai yoga, presents 60 postures for self-healing, energy rebalancing, and enhanced well-being, using techniques developed by Buddha's physician, Jivaka Kumar Baccha.


Enrico Corsi and Elena Fanfani received their degrees in traditional Thai massage from the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, Thailand. Enrico is the founder of the Accademia di Massaggio Tradizionale Thailandese in Milan, Italy, and travels to Thailand at least once a year to pursue advanced studies in traditional Thai healing arts. Elena also visits Thailand frequently to study Thai medicine and Thai herbalism, with a special emphasis on healing for women and children. Both authors live in Milan, Italy.


"Each posture works the sen energy system of Thai medicine, and the postures here are solutions to many common ailments of the back, knees, hips, and neck. The exercises promote weight loss and circulation improvement too; any New Age collection strong in yoga techniques will want this photo-packed visual introduction."--The Midwest Book Review, Aug 2008
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