Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems XV: Proceedings of AI-2007, the Twenty-Seventh Sgai International Conference on Innovative Techniq

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November 2007



The papers in this volume are the refereed application papers presented at AI-2007, the Twenty-seventh SGAI International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, held in Cambridge in December 2007.
The papers present new and innovative developments in the field, divided into sections on Synthesis and Prediction, Scheduling and Search, Diagnosis and Monitoring, Classification and Design, and Analysis and Evaluation.
This is the fifteenth volume in the Applications and Innovations series. The series serves as a key reference on the use of AI Technology to enable organisations to solve complex problems and gain significant business benefits.
The Technical Stream papers are published as a companion volume under the title Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXIV.


Best Application Paper.- On a Novel ACO-Estimator and its Application to the Target Motion Analysis Problem.- Medical Systems.- Clinical Practice Guidelines: a Case Study of combining OWL-S, OWL, and SWRL.- Explaining Medical Model Exceptions in ISOR.- Automatically Acquiring Structured Case Representations: The SMART Way.- Analysing PET scans data for predicting response to chemotherapy in breast cancer patients.- HCI & Natural Language Systems.- Selecting the Content of Textual Descriptions of Geographically Located Events in Spatio-Temporal Weather Data.- CALMsystem: A Conversational Agent for Learner Modelling.- Scripting Human-Agent Interactions in a Generic ECA Framework.- Imaging & Sensing Systems.- A Comparison of two Methods for Finding Groups using Heat Maps and Model Based Clustering.- Automated Tool for Diagnosis of Sinus Analysis CT Scans.- Intensity-Based Image Registration Using Multiple Distributed Agents.- Decision Support Systems.- Police Forensic science performance indicators - a new approach to data validation.- Application of Data Mining for Supply Chain Inventory Forecasting.- Decision Making in Fund Raising Management:a Knowledge Based Approach.- Player Collaboration in Virtual Environments using Hierarchical Task Network Planning.- Autonomous Machines.- Fly-by-Agent: Controlling a Pool of UAVs via a Multi-Agent System.- An Extended Hyperbola Model for Road Tracking for Video-based Personal Navigation.- Evolving Motion Control for a Modular Robot.- Industrial Systems.- Genetic Programming for the Design of LaceKnitting Stitch Patterns.- Comparative studies of Statistical and Neural Networks Models for Short and Long Term Load Forecasting: a Case Study in the Brazilian Amazon Power Suppliers.- Optimization of Injection/Withdrawal Schedules for Natural Gas Storage Facilities.- Short Papers.- Towards the Development of OMNIVORE: An Evolving Intelligent Intrusion Detection System.- Clonal Selection for Licence Plate Character Recognition.- RSIE : a inference engine for reflexive systems.- A Personalized RSS News Filtering Agent.- Neural Networks for Financial Literacy Modelling.- Sensor Assignment In Virtual Environments Using Constraint Programming.- Small World Terrorist Networks: A Preliminary Investigation.- On Acquiring Knowledge to Support Decision Making in Collaborative e-Work.
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