How to be an Illustrator

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April 2008



An insider's guide for anyone considering a career in illustration and also suitable for final year students and recent graduates. Includes advice from a range of internationally known illustrators. Follows up "How To Be A Graphic Designer".


Contents; Foreword; Nicholas Blechman; Introduction; The broad church of illustration;
Chapter 1 Getting started;
Chapter 2 Preparing your portfolio;
Chapter 3 Job hunting and interviews;
Chapter 4 Your first job;
Chapter 5 Billing it;
Chapter 6 Promoting yourself;
Chapter 7 Studios;
Chapter 8 Agents; Further reading and useful websites; Professional organizations; Acknowledgements; Throughout the book are interviews with the following illustrators and art directors; Sam Weber (Canada/USA); Michael Gillette (UK/USA); Jeffrey Decoster (USA); Rui Tenreiro (Norway / S Africa); David Lucas (UK); Marc Boutavant (France); Yuko Shimizu (Japan); Aude Van Ryn (Belgium); Brett Ryder (UK); Luke Hayman (US); Nicholas Blechman (US); Simon Esterson (UK); Mark Porter (UK).


Darrel Rees has worked as an illustrator since 1986, joining influential London studio 'The Big Orange' in 1992. In 1994 he co-founded illustration agency Heart (London and New York). He contributed to The Education of an Illustrator, edited by Steven Heller. He is a member of the Society of Publication Designers in New York and the D&AD in the UK, acting as a jury foreman on its awards scheme.
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