Cross, Crescent and Conversion: Studies on Medieval Spain and Christendom in Memory of Richard Fletcher

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Dezember 2007



This volume commemorates the career of Richard Fletcher and his remarkable contribution to our understanding of the medieval world. The seventeen papers included here reflect the three main areas of Fletcher's scholarly endeavours: Church and society in medieval Spain; Christian-Muslim relations, and the history of the post-Roman world.


Preface .. vii List of Abbreviations .. xi Bibliography of the Published Writings of Richard Fletcher .. xiii
1. Richard Fletcher as an Historian .. 16 James Campbell, University of Oxford
2. Rome, Canterbury and Wearmouth-Jarrow: Three Viewpoints on Augustine's Mission .. 17 Roger Collins, University of Edinburgh, and Judith McClure, St. George's School for Girls, Edinburgh
3. Gregory of Tours, the Visigoths and Spain .. 43 Edward James, University College Dublin
4. Placenames in Early Medieval Documents: the Case of Cabra .. 65 Roger Wright, University of Liverpool
5. Picnic at Madinat al-Zahra .. 87 Ann Christys, University of Leeds
6. The Rediscovery of Count Pedro Ansurez .. 109 Bernard F. Reilly, Villanova University
7. Principes et Populus: Civil Society and the First Crusade .. 127 Christopher Tyerman, University of Oxford
8. Islam and the West: a View from Twelfth-Century Leon .. 153 Simon Barton, University of Exeter
9. The Tomb of St. James: the View from the Other Side .. 175 John Williams, University of Pittsburgh
10. The Cathedral Chapter of Lugo in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries: Reform and Retrenchment .. 193 James D'Emilio, University of South Florida
11. Fuentes isidorianas en De altera uita de Lucas de Tuy .. 227 Emma Falque, Universidad de Sevilla
12. Columpna firmissima: D. Gil Torres, the Cardinal of Zamora .. 241 Peter Linehan, University of Cambridge
13. The Abundance and Scarcity of Food in the Inquisition Records of Languedoc .. 263 Peter Biller, University of York
14. From the Belles of St Clement's to the Book of Good Love: the Late Survival of Mozarabic Culture in Toledo .. 277 Ian Michael, University of Oxford
15. Round and About Water: Christians and Muslims in the Ebro Valley in the Fourteenth Century .. 293 Esther Pascua, University of St Andrews
16. New Light on the converso Debate? The Jewish Christianity of Alfonso de Cartagena and Juan de Torquemada .. 311 John Edwards, University of Oxford
17. The Fall of the Roman Empire in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries .. 327 Ian Wood, University of Leeds Index


Simon Barton is Professor of Spanish History at the University of Exeter. He has published extensively on the history of medieval Spain, including The Aristocracy in Twelfth-Century Leon and Castile (Cambridge UP, 1997) and (with Richard Fletcher) The World of El Cid (Manchester UP 2000). He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Peter Linehan is Fellow and Dean of St John's College, Cambridge, and the author of numerous works on various aspects of the history of medieval Spain. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and of the Royal Historical Society and Corresponding Member of the Real Academia de la Historia (Madrid).
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