Advances in Petri Nets 1991

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August 1991



The main idea behind the series of volumes Advances in Petri
Nets is to present to the general computer science community
recent results which are the most representative and
significant for the development of the area. Thepapers for
the volumes are drawn mainly from the annual International
Conferences on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets.
Selected papers from the latest conference are independently
refereed, and revised and extended as necessary. Some
further papers submitted directly to the editor are
Advances in Petri Nets 1991 covers the 11th International
Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets held in
Paris, France in June 1991. The volume contains the
Bibliography of Petri Nets 1990 prepared by H. Pl}nnecke and
W. Reisig, with over 4000 entries.


Delays in synchronized elementary net systems.- Proving temporal properties of Petri nets.- The complexity of testing the equivalence of transition sequences.- Use of reentrant nets in modular analysis of colored nets.- On abstractions of nets.- Semantics, composition and net properties of algebraic high-level nets.- Top-down synthesis of live and bounded free choice nets.- Hood nets.- Distributable nets.- Computer supported design of kanban controlled production.- Optimal simulations, nets and reachability graphs.- An integrated software development methodology based on hierarchical colored Petri nets.- On net systems generated by process foldings.- On liveness preservation by composition of nets via a set of places.- Software implementation of petri nets and compilation of rule-based systems.- Bibliography of Petri nets 1990.
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