Studies of Software Design

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This book contains a refereed collection of thoroughly revised full papers based on the contributions accepted for presentation at the International Workshop on Studies of Software Design, held in conjunction with the 1993 International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE'93, in Baltimore, Maryland, in May 1993.The emphasis of the 13 papers included is on methods for studying, analyzing, and comparing designs and design methods; the topical focus is primarily on the software architecture level of design and on techniques suitable for dealing with large software systems. The book is organized in sections on architectures, tools, and design methods and opens with a detailed introduction by the volume editor.


Introduction: Studies of software design.- Many faces of software architecture.- Procedure calls are the assembly language of software interconnection: Connectors deserve first-class status.- Software structure characterization using connectivity.- Regularities in software systems.- Formal approaches to software architecture.- Difficulties with object-oriented frameworks.- Using a metasystem approach to support and study the design process.- Constructing software design theories and models.- Method integration and support for distributed software development: An overview.- Program restructuring via design-level manipulation.- Hierarchical modular diagrams: An approach to describe architectural designs.- Structured and formal methods: An investigative framework.- An exploration of object-oriented methodologies for system analysis and design.
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