Organic Semiconductors in Sensor Applications

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Februar 2008



Organic semiconductors offer unique characteristics such as tunability of electronic properties via chemical synthesis, compatibility with mechanically flexible substrates, low-cost manufacturing, and facile integration with chemical and biological functionalities. These characteristics have prompted the application of organic semiconductors and their devices in physical, chemical, and biological sensors. This book covers this rapidly emerging field by discussing both optical and electrical sensor concepts. Novel transducers based on organic light-emitting diodes and organic thin-film transistors, as well as systems-on-a-chip architectures are presented. Functionalization techniques to enhance specificity are outlined, and models for the sensor response are described.


Water Soluble Poly(fluorene) Homopolymers and Copolymers for Chemical and Biological Sensors.- Polyelectrolyte-Based Fluorescent Sensors.- Structurally Integrated Photoluminescent Chemical and Biological Sensors: An Organic Light-Emitting Diode-Based Platform.- Lab-on-a-Chip Devices with Organic Semiconductor-Based Optical Detection.- Solid-State Chemosensitive Organic Devices for Vapor-Phase Detection.- Detection of Chemical and Physical Parameters by Means of Organic Field-Effect Transistors.- Performance Requirements and Mechanistic Analysis of Organic Transistor-Based Phosphonate Gas Sensors.- Electrochemical Transistors for Applications in Chemical and Biological Sensing.- PEDOT:PSS-Based Electrochemical Transistors for Ion-to-Electron Transduction and Sensor Signal Amplification.
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