Precision Spectroscopy in Astrophysics

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Since the use of high-precision/resolution spectroscopy is closely connected to the ability to collect a large number of photons, the scientific domains using this technique benefit tremendously from the use of 8-meter class telescopes and will fully exploit the tremendous gain provided by future Extremely Large Telescopes (ELTs). This volume comprehensively covers the astrophysical and technical aspects of high-precision spectroscopy with an outlook to future developments.


Abundances and Isotopes.- Lithium Isotopic Abundances in Stars.- Lithium Isotopic Abundances in Old Stars.- Accurate Quantitative Spectroscopy of OB Stars: the H, He and C Spectrum.- High Resolution Spectroscopy of HgMn stars: A Time of Surprises.- High-resolution Spectroscopy of Faint Stars with Transiting Planets.- First Resolved Narrow Line Profiles in Ultracool Dwarfs.- Physical Parameters of Evolved Stars in Clusters and in the Field from Line-depth Ratios.- UVES and CRIRES Spectroscopy of AGB Stars: Technetium and the Third Dredge-up.- Characterisation of the Ursa Major Group.- [C/O] Observations in Low-[Fe/H] Halo Stars.- Oxygen Abundances in Metal-poor Stars, from [OI], OI and IR OH Lines.- Sulphur Abundances in Metal-poor Stars.- Isotopic Abundances of Eu, Ba, and Sm in Metal-Poor Stars.- QSO Absorption Lines.- Gas-phase Deuterium Abundances, Near and Far.- Comprehensive Abundance Measurements in Damped Ly? Systems.- Molecular Hydrogen at High Redshift and the Variation with Time of the Electron-to-proton Mass Ratio, ? = m e /m p .- Spectroscopy of QSO Pairs.- Small-scale Structure of High-redshift OVI Absorption Systems.- Hot Halos around High-Redshift Galaxies.- Fundamental Constants.- Astrophysical Probes of Fundamental Physics.- Revisiting VLT/UVES Constraints on a Varying Fine-structure Constant.- On the Variation of the Fine-structure Constant, and Precision Spectroscopy.- High-Precision Measurements of ??/?from QSO Absorption Spectra.- Probing Fundamental Constant Evolution with Redshifted OH Lines.- A Molecular Probe of Dark Energy.- Beyond Photon Noise.- Establishing Wavelength Standards in the near Infra-red: Th-Ar.- Atomic Data for Astrophysics - Parameters Precision, Priorities.- Optimal Extraction of Echelle Spectra.- Hydrodynamical Model Atmospheres and 3D Spectral Synthesis.- Intrinsic Lineshifts in Astronomical Spectra.- Study of Line Bisectors and its Relation with Precise Radial Velocities in the Search for Extrasolar Planets.- A Pan-Spectral Method of Abundance Determination.- Spectroscopic Binary Mass Determination Using Relativity.- Asteroseismology/Oscillations.- Asteroseismology Across the HR Diagram.- High-Precision Spectroscopy of Pulsating Stars.- Mapping Atmospheric Motions in Classical and Type II Cepheids.- Iron Abundances of Southern Double-mode Cepheids from High-resolution Echelle Spectroscopy.- Planets.- Radial Velocity Planet Detection using a Gas Absorption Cell.- Pushing Down the Limits of the Radial Velocity Technique.- Transiting Planets: Follow the FLAMES....- Planet Detection Around M Dwarfs: New Constraints on Planet Formation Models.- Planets Around Giant Stars.- Planets Around Active Stars.- A Catalogue of Nearby Exoplanets.- Determination of the Orbital Parameters of a System with N + 1 Bodies using a Simple Fourier Analysis of the Data.- Extrasolar Comets.- Measuring Winds in Titan's Atmosphere with High-precision Doppler Velocimetry.- Future Developments.- The European Large Telescope and its Spectroscopic Instrumentation.- CRIRES: A High Resolution Infrared Spectrograph for ESO's VLT.- Stellar Oscillations Network Group: Asteroseismology and Planet Hunting.- Interferometric Spectroscopy.- A Global Network of 2 m-class spectroscopic telescopes.- Possibility of Heterodyne Correlation Interferometry with a Tunable Laser and Absolute Frequency Measurements.- Codex.- Posters.- Precision Laboratory UV and IR Wavelengths for Cosmological and Astrophysical Applications.- Abundance Analysis of ? Centauri A.- The SB3 Star 74 Aqr: Abundances and Magnetic Field.- Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in Comets.- Finding Stable Fits for Extrasolar Planetary Systems.- Heavy Calcium in CP Stars: A New Isotopic Anomaly.- The Li Abundance and the Age of AB Dor Association.- Si and Ca Abundances of a Selected Sample of Evolved Stars.- Abundance Trends with Condensation Temperature in Planet-harbouring Stars: Hints of Pollution?.- Using the HeII Ly? Forest to Constrain the Temperature of the IGM.- Production of H 3 + and D 3 + from (CH 3)2 CO and (CD 3)2 CO in PDR'S.- Bisectors as Distance Estimators for Microquasars?.- Metallicity of Pleiades Dwarf.- Precision of Radial Velocity Surveys using Multiobject Spectrographs - Experiences with Hectochelle.- High Resolution Study of the Young Quadruple System AO Vel with an Eclipsing BpSi Primary.- A Survey for Extrasolar Planets Around A-F Type Stars.- A Study of the Magnetic Helium Variable Emission-line Star HD 125823.- bHROS: The High-Resolution Optical Spectrograph at Gemini South.- Stellar Wobble Caused by a Binary System: Investigation in the Framework of the General Three Body Problem.- The Chemical Composition of B-type Pulsators: Some Unexpected Results.- Radial Velocity Precision in the Near-Infrared with T-EDI.- HD154708 - The Challenging Abundance Analysis of an Extremely Magnetic Star.- A Search for Disk-Locking in the Chamaeleon I Star Forming Region.- A Precision Radial Velocity Survey of Red Giants.- Chromospheric Lines as Diagnostics of Stellar Oscillations.- Comparing 3D Solar Model Atmospheres with Observations: Hydrogen Lines and Centre-to-limb Variations.- Towards the Detection of Reflected Light from Exo-planets: a Comparison of Two Methods.- A Correlation Between the Activity Level and the Radial-velocity for Solar-type Stars?.- Spectroscopic Parameters for a Sample of Metal-rich Solar-type Stars.- Radial Velocity Search for Extrasolar Planets in Binary Systems.- Inferring Photospheric Velocities from P Cygni Lines in Type IIP Supernova Atmospheres.- High-resolution Spectroscopic Characterization of Young Stars.- TIRAVEL - Template Independent RAdial VELocity Measurement.
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