Spatial Cognition V

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November 2007



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Spatial Cognition 2006. It covers spatial reasoning, human-robot interaction, visuo-spatial reasoning and spatial dynamics, spatial concepts, human memory, mental reasoning and assistance, spatial concepts, human memory and mental reasoning, navigation, wayfinding and route instructions as well as linguistic and social issues in spatial knowledge processing.


Spatial Reasoning, Human-Robot Interaction, and Assistance.- Reachability and Dependency Calculi: Reasoning in Network Algebras.- The Qualitative Trajectory Calculus on Networks.- Qualitative Spatial Representation and Reasoning in the SparQ-Toolbox.- Remembering Places in Space: A Human Analog Study of the Morris Water Maze.- The Role of Users' Concepts of the Robot in Human-Robot Spatial Instruction.- Collaborative Assistance with Spatio-temporal Planning Problems.- Visuo-Spatial Reasoning and Spatial Dynamics.- Dialog-Based 3D-Image Recognition Using a Domain Ontology.- Protein Structure Prediction with Visuospatial Analogy.- The Spatial Representation of Dynamic Scenes - An Integrative Approach.- Modeling Geospatial Events and Impacts Through Qualitative Change.- Spatial Concepts, Human Memory, and Mental Reasoning.- Preferred Mental Models: How and Why They Are So Important in Human Reasoning with Spatial Relations.- The Spatial and the Visual in Mental Spatial Reasoning: An Ill-Posed Distinction.- Grounded Perceptual Schemas: Developmental Acquisition of Spatial Concepts.- Modeling Human Spatial Memory Within a Symbolic Architecture of Cognition.- Updating in Models of Spatial Memory.- Sensorimotor Interference When Reasoning About Described Environments.- Mechanisms for Human Spatial Competence.- Navigation, Wayfinding, and Route Instructions.- Algorithms for Reliable Navigation and Wayfinding.- Interpreting Route Instructions as Qualitative Spatial Actions.- Knowledge Based Schematization of Route Directions.- Map Use and Wayfinding Strategies in a Multi-building Ensemble.- How Much Information Do You Need? Schematic Maps in Wayfinding and Self Localisation.- Wayfinding Strategies in Behavior and Language: A Symmetric and Interdisciplinary Approach to Cognitive Processes.- A Spatial Cognitive Map and a Human-Like Memory Model Dedicated to Pedestrian Navigation in Virtual Urban Environments.- Linguistic and Social Issues in Spatial Knowledge Processing.- The Influence of Scale, Context and Spatial Preposition in Linguistic Topology.- Before or After: Prepositions in Spatially Constrained Systems.- Discourse Factors Influencing Spatial Descriptions in English and German.- Autobahn People: Distance Estimations Between German Cities Biased by Social Factors and the Autobahn.
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