Algebraic and Proof-Theoretic Aspects of Non-Classical Logics

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Published in honor of Daniele Mundici on the occasion of his 60th birthday, the 17 revised papers of this Festschrift volume include invited extended versions of the most interesting contributions to the International Conference on the Algebraic and Logical Foundations of Many-Valued Reasoning, held in Gargnano, Italy, in March 2006. Edited in collaboration with FoLLI, the Association of Logic, Language and Information, it is the third volume of the FoLLI LNAI subline.


Many-Valued Non-deterministic Semantics for First-Order Logics of Formal (In)consistency.- Note on Conditional Constructivity.- Symmetric MV-Algebras.- Implicit Operations in MV-Algebras and the Connectives of ?ukasiewicz Logic.- The Algebras of ?ukasiewicz Many-Valued Logic: A Historical Overview.- Reversibility and Irreversibility in Quantum Computation and in Quantum Computational Logics.- Cantor-Bernstein Property for MV-Algebras.- A Note on Representing and Interpreting MV-Algebras.- Towards the Generalization of Mundici's ? Functor to IMTL Algebras: The Linearly Ordered Case.- Verification by Parallelization of Parametric Code.- Finitely Presented Abelian Lattice-Ordered Groups.- On Fuzzy Theories with Crisp Sentences.- Proof Transformations and Structural Invariance.- Rényi-Ulam Game Semantics for Product Logic and for the Logic of Cancellative Hoops.- Notes on Strong Completeness in ?ukasiewicz, Product and BL Logics and in Their First-Order Extensions.- The Automorphism Group of Falsum-Free Product Logic.- Probability Theory on IF Events.
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