Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT'99

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Asiacrypt'99 was held in Singapore on 14-18 November 1999. Asiacrypt is one of the major events in the cryptology research community. Asiacrypt'99, the ?fth annual Asiacrypt conference, was sponsored by the Asiacrypt Steering Comm- tee and the Centre for Systems Security of the National University of Singapore, and in cooperation with the International Association for Cryptology Research. As the Program Co-Chairs of Asiacrypt'99, we are extremely honored to or- nize this event, which showcases the state-of-the-art development of cryptology research at the conclusion of this millennium. This year, a total of 96 research papers were submitted to Asiacrypt'99. The portfolio of country of origin of submissions serves as a good indicator of the - ternational reputation of the conference. Countries from which submissions or- inated include: Australia, Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sin- pore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, USA and Yugoslavia. Through a stringent refereeing process by the Program C- mittee, 31 papers of outstanding quality were accepted and are included in the conference proceedings. Accepted papers were authored by researchers from the following countries: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, UK, and USA.


Invited Talk.- Modulus Search for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems.- Asymmetric Key Cryptosystems.- On the Lai-Massey Scheme.- On Cryptographically Secure Vectorial Boolean Functions.- Analysis.- Equivalent Keys of HPC.- Cryptanalysis of Five Rounds of CRYPTON Using Impossible Differentials.- Cryptanalysis of Two Cryptosystems Based on Group Actions.- Probabilistic Higher Order Differential Attack and Higher Order Bent Functions.- Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems.- Fast Algorithms for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems over Binary Finite Field.- Optimizing the Menezes-Okamoto-Vanstone (MOV) Algorithm for Non-supersingular Elliptic Curves.- Speeding up the Discrete Log Computation on Curves with Automorphisms.- ECC: Do We Need to Count?.- Elliptic Scalar Multiplication Using Point Halving.- Public Key Cryptosystems.- On the Design of RSA with Short Secret Exponent.- Efficient Public-Key Cryptosystems Provably Secure Against Active Adversaries.- Adaptively-Secure Optimal-Resilience Proactive RSA.- Integers and Computation.- Factorization of RSA-140 Using the Number Field Sieve.- How to Prove That a Committed Number Is Prime.- Reducing Logarithms in Totally Non-maximal Imaginary Quadratic Orders to Logarithms in Finite Fields.- General Adversaries in Unconditional Multi-party Computation.- Network Security.- Approximation Hardness and Secure Communication in Broadcast Channels.- Mix-Networks on Permutation Networks.- Secure Communication in an Unknown Network Using Certificates.- Random Number.- Linear Complexity versus Pseudorandomness: On Beth and Dai's Result.- A Class of Explicit Perfect Multi-sequences.- Cryptanalysis of LFSR-Encrypted Codes with Unknown Combining Function.- Key Management.- Doing More with Fewer Bits.- A Quick Group Key Distribution Scheme with "Entity Revocation".- An Efficient Hierarchical Identity-Based Key-Sharing Method Resistant against Collusion-Attacks.- Periodical Multi-secret Threshold Cryptosystems.- Authentication.- A Signature Scheme with Message Recovery as Secure as Discrete Logarithm.- A 3-Codes under Collusion Attacks.- Broadcast Authentication in Group Communication.


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