Colloids in Cosmetics and Personal Care

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The first modern approach to relate fundamental research to the applied science of colloids, this series bridges academic research and industrial applications, thus providing the information vital to both. Written by the very best scientists in their respective disciplines, the five volumes are edited by an internationally recognized expert on this topic. This volume describes the role of colloids in cosmetics and personal care, highlighting the importance of fundamental research in practical applications. Of interest to electrochemists, physical and surface chemists, materials scientists, and physicists.


Colloid Aspects of Cosmetic Formulations With Particular Reference to Polymeric Surfactants
Formulation and Stabilization of Nano-Emulsions Using Hydrophobically Modified Inulin (Polyfructose) Polymeric Surfactants
Integrating Polymeric Surfactants in Cosmetic Formulation for the Enhancement of their Performance and Stability
Application of Colloid and Interface Science Principles for Optimization of Sunscreen Dispersions
Use of Associative Thickeners as Rheology Modifiers for Sufactant Systems
Cosmetic Emulsions Based on Surfactant Liquid Crystalline Phases Structure, Rheology and Sensory Evaluation
Personal Care Emulsions Based on Surfactant/Biopolymer Mixtures Correlation of Rheological Parameters with Sensory Attributes
Correlation of "Body Butter" Texture and Structure of Cosmetic Emulsions to their Rheological Characteristics
Interparticle Interactions in Color Cosmetics
Starch Based Dispersions
In Vivo Skin Performance of a Cationic Emulsion Base in Comparison with an Anionic System
The Impact of Urea on Colloidal Structure of Alkylpolyglucoside-Based Emulsions: Physico-Chemical and in Vitro/Vivo Characterisation
Model for Calculation of Sun Protection Factors and Parameters Characterising the UVA Protection Ability of Cosmetic Sunscreens


After finishing his PhD at Alexandria University, Tharwat Tadros was appointed lecturer in Physical Chemistry (1962-1966) at the same University. Between 1966 and 1969, he spent a sabbatical at the Agricultural University of Wageningen and T.N.O in Delft, the Netherlands. Thereafter he worked at I.C.I. and ZENECA until 1994, where he researched various fields of surfactants, emulsions, suspensions, microemulsions, wetting spreading and adhesion, and rheology. During that period he was also appointed visiting professor at Imperial College London, Bristol University and Reading University. In 1992, he was elected President of the International Association of Colloid and Interface Science. Since leaving ZENECA, Dr Tadros has worked as a consultant for various industries and also given several courses in his specialized field. He is the recipient of two medals from the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK, and has more than 250 scientific papers to his name.


About the editor:
"Dr. Tadros is a very well recognized individual in the surface chemistry community and is known to write well."
(Prof. Krister Holmberg, Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden)
"The author is a well-known scientist in this field with a long experience in colloid science."
(Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf, Germany)
"Dr. Tadros is well-known in the field of colloid science. High quality can be expected."
(University of Bayreuth, Germany)
"Professor Tadros is a well-known expert on the topic. Because of his industrial experience it might be possible to close the gap between fundamentals and the relevance and applications in the practice."
(Dr. Oetter, BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany)
"Dr. Tadros is a well-known scientist in emulsion and rheology science who can write about fundamentals and applications of surfactants."
(Yokohama National University, Japan)
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