Accelerated GWT

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The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a key member of Google's popular array of software development solutions, and is easily the most popular Ajax framework solution for Java developers. Accelerated Google Web Toolkit offers a fast paced yet thorough introduction to GWT, offering serious developers not only key insights into the framework's capabilities, but also into how readers can most effectively incorporate GWT into their daily development routine.


  1. GWT Basics and a First Application
  2. GWT Architecture and Internal Features
  3. UI Programming: Basic Widgets
  4. Communication: RPC
  5. UI Programming: Handling Events and Using AdvancedWidgets
  6. Communication: Advanced Techniques
  7. Testing GWT Applications
  8. Internationalizing Your Applications: A Modern-Day Reality
  9. Some Important, Not-to-Be-Missed Techniques
  10. Peeking Into the Upcoming GWT 1.5 Release


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