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Suppose al-Qaeda had a second, potentially more devastating attack planned in 2001. That's the premise behind THE ONION FILES, a spy thriller differing from all previous novels in one very important aspect: author Val Pattee was one of the Western world's top spy masters -- chief of intelligence and security for NATO. "Pattee infuses the action with a realism of people and places only an insider could deliver."

As NATO's spy master, Major General Pattee had access to the most secret intelligence of sixteen member nations, and also met with the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) in Moscow and with the People's Liberation Army in Beijing.

Advance reviews for The Onion Files are enthusiastic. Here are three snippets:
"... a fast paced thriller about the next major terrorist attack. The author's background makes his descriptions of events all the more credible." -- Lewis W. MacKenzie, Major-General (ret'd).
"... a page turner. The Onion Files has an intricate, compelling and credible plot. One wonders how close to the brink we really are." -- Gordon Smith, former Canadian Deputy Foreign Minister.
"... General Pattee utilizes his vast experience and wide-ranging international intelligence contacts to provide a riveting, imaginative, easy-to-read story line. [The Onion Files] provides a very accurate tutorial ... I strongly recommend that intelligence and homeland security personnel at all levels read this fascinating novel." -- Lt. Gen. Leonard Perroots (ret'd), former director, US Defense Intelligence Agency

More about the author and his debut novel at www.valpattee.com

Also available in trade paperback at ISBN 9781897435052.
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