Using French Vocabulary

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This textbook provides a comprehensive and structured vocabulary for all levels of undergraduate French courses.


Introduction; 1. Towns and buildings; household; gardens; 2. The physical world; the animal world; weather; 3. The human body and health; the Health Service and medicine; 4. Physical appearance; gesture and movement; 5. Personality; human behaviour; 6. Clothes and footwear; food and drink; 7. Perception; colour and light; materials and texture; 8. Shapes and patterns; size and quality; containers; 9. Visual and performing arts; media and popular culture; 10. Literature and literary criticism; speaking, reading and writing; 11. Leisure and sport; 12. Tourism, travel and transport; 13. Family, birth, death and marriage; religion; 14. Education and science; 15. Agriculture and industry; 16. Business, commerce and employment; 17. The office and computing; post and telecommunications; 18. Geography, history and war; 19. Politics and international relations; public services; social and environmental issues; Key to exercises.
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