Labour's First Century

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Labour's First Century is an exciting history of the Labour Party.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Notes on contributors; Introduction Duncan Tanner, Pat Thane and Nick Tiratsoo; 1. Labour's political and social thought Jose Harris; 2. Labour and the economy Jim Tomlinson; 3. Labour and welfare Pat Thane; 4. Labour and international affairs Stephen Howe; 5. Labour and the constitution Miles Taylor; 6. Labour and gender Martin Francis; 7. Labour and the trade unions Alastair J. Reid; 8. Labour and its membership Duncan Tanner; 9. Labour and the electorate Nick Tiratsoo; 10. Labour in comparative perspective Stefan Berger; 11. Labour - the myths it has lived by Jon Lawrence; 12. New Labour and the past Steven Fielding; Appendix I. Labour and the electorate, 1900-1997; Appendix II. Labour Party membership; Index.


'... this is an excellent book. The contributions are all sober and well focused, and considerable effort and thought have gone into them.' History 'The editors are ... to be congratulated, both for having assembled such a formidable team, and for harnessing its efforts to such considerable and consistent effect ... this collection makes an important contribution to the rewriting of Labour's history.' Labour History Review '... offers a valuable guide to current research.' Twentieth Century British History
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