Graphic 12

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April 2009



In its 12th issue, Graphic sets out to explore the current craze for customization -from recent trends in customized trainers, clothes and readymades to the latest series of Penguin Classics with blank covers allowing readers to draw, paint, design, sew, spray, scribble, sticker, cut, rip, glue-back-together or whatever they feel like doing to their own covers. This trend is more than just a reaction against mass-market blandness and corporate stiffness. It is also a welcome resurgence of individualism, craft and independence as well as a celebration of improvisation and creative freedom. For this issue, the Graphic editors asked creatives from around the world to come up with toys, t-shirts, CD covers, skateboards, baseball caps, books, magazines, jeans, jumpers, slippers, pyjamas, cars, chairs, mugs, notebooks, postcards, plates, lampshades, mini-skirts, Russian dolls -you name it- and then customize them.
Graphic 12 contains 8 special pages with stuff that readers can customize themselves.


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