Voices of Persuasion: Politics of Representation in 1930s America

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August 2012



Staub recasts 1930s cultural history, demonstrating the seldom-discussed multicultural diversity of those genres so characteristic of the period: ethnography, documentary, journalism and polemical fiction.


Preface; 1. Spoken testimony, Unwritten History; 2. You won't hear it nicely John Dos Passos and James Agee; 3. Telling native American history John Neihardt, William Benson and Ruth Underhill; 4. Talking black, talking back Zora Neale Hurston; 5. Giving the people voice Tillie Olsen and the Communist Press; Notes; Bibliography.


"...provides a series of persuasive readings of the key role played by voice in early twentieth-century 'fact-based' texts." the minnesota review "Staub examines the struggles of turning oral memories of 19th-century events into text without erasing the Native American 'voice'...Recommended for undergraduate and graduate libraries." J. C. Kohl, Choice "...offers subtle and persuasive readings that substantially expand our appreciation of the sophistication of 1930s documentary writing. It is indispensable reading for anyone engaged in current revisionary work on Depression-era culture." Barbara Foley, American Literature
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