Meaning, Expression, and Thought

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An effort to clarify and defend the doctrine that words are conventional signs of mental states.


Preface; 1. Introduction; Part I. Semantic Acts and Intentions: 2. Speaker meaning; 3. Expression; 4. Alternative analyses; 5. Communication; 6. Reference; Part II. Languages and Semantic Acts: 7. Languages; 8. Basic word meaning; 9. Conventions; 10. Compositional word meaning; 11. Living languages; Part III. Thoughts and Ideas: 12. Thought; 13. Sentences, propositions and thoughts; 14. The constituency thesis; 15. Ideas or concepts; 16. The possession of concepts; 17. The acquisition of concepts; 18. The association of ideas; 19. Objects, images and conceptions; 20. The language of thought hypothesis; Part IV. Ideational Theories of Meaning: 21. Objections to ideational theories; 22. Priority objections; 23. Incompleteness objections; References; Index.


"In this important book, Davis argues strongly that the traditional view is substantially correct and that it can be developed in ways that avoid standard objections. This work displays impressive erudition and rigorous analysis of central questions in the philosophy of mind and language... Highly recommended." Choice
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