Issues in Computer-Adaptive Testing of Reading Proficiency

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Mai 2011



The focus of this book is computer based assessment of the receptive skills.


1. If reading is reader-based, can there be a computer-adaptive test of reading?; 2. Developments in reading research and their implications for computer-adaptive reading assessment; 3. Reading constructs and reading assessment; 4. Considerations for test reading proficiency via computer-adaptive testing; 5. Research and development of a computer-adaptive test of listening comprehension in the less-commonly taught language Hausa; 6. The development of an adaptive test for placement in French; 7. Computer-adaptive testing: a view from outside; 8. From reading theory to testing practice; 9. Selected technical issues in the creation of computer-adaptive tests of second language reading proficiency; 10. A measurement approach to computer-adaptive testing of reading comprehension; 11. The practical utility of Rasch measurement models; 12. An overview and some observations on the psychometric models used in computer-adaptive language testing.
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