The Rise of European Security Cooperation

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April 2011



One of the most striking developments in international politics today is the significant increase in security cooperation among European Union states. Seth Jones argues that this increase in cooperation, in areas such as economic sanctions, weapons production and collaboration among military forces, has occurred because of the changing structure of the international and regional systems. Since the end of the Cold War, the international system has shifted from a bipolar to a unipolar structure characterized by United States dominance. This has caused EU states to cooperate in the security realm to increase their ability to project power abroad and to decrease reliance on the US. Furthermore, European leaders in the early 1990s adopted a 'binding' strategy to ensure long-term peace on the continent, suggesting that security cooperation is caused by a desire to preserve peace in Europe whilst building power abroad.


1. Introduction; 2. Power and security cooperation; 3. Security institutions; 4. Economic sanctions; 5. Arms production; 6. Military forces; 7. The tragedy of US-European relations.


Seth G. Jones is Adjunct Professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University and Political Scientist at the RAND Corporation. He is a distinguished scholar of European affairs, state-building operations and counterterrorism. Professor Jones was Europe Editor at The Christian Science Monitor, is a contributor to The New York Times, The Financial Times, and National Interest and has appeared on the BBC, CNN and other national and international television and radio programs.


‘Seth Jones’s newest work accomplishes one of the rarest feats: it offers sharp, counterintuitive analysis that is amply researched and elegantly argued. Jones not only offers a convincing analysis of the forces that have encouraged European security cooperation, but he leaves his reader with a solid grasp of its future dimensions. The Rise of European Security Cooperation is required reading for anyone who seeks to understand the surprising underpinnings of Europe’s security cooperation - past, present or future.’ William J. Dobson, Managing Editor, Foreign Policy
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