Employment and the Family: The Reconfiguration of Work and Family Life in Contemporary Societies

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Rates of employment amongst mothers of young children have risen rapidly in recent years. Attitudes to gender roles have changed, and both employers and governments have had to adjust to new realities. But some argue that recent changes in employment relations are making work more family 'unfriendly'. What are the real consequences of change? Rosemary Crompton explores the origins and background of this radical shift in the gendered division of labour and relates it to both family and employment. Based on original research, it makes a valuable contribution.


1. Understanding change in employment, family and gender relations; 2. Caring and working; 3. Women, men, organisations and careers; 4. Work-life articulation, working hours, and work-life policies; 5. States, families, and work-life articulation; 6. Households, domestic work, market work, and happiness; 7. Class, family choices, and women's employment; 8. Conclusions.


Rosemary Crompton is Professor of Sociology at City University, London. Her previous publications include Restructuring Gender Relations and Employment (1999), Class and Stratification (1998), Women and Work in Modern Britain (1997) and Gendered Jobs and Social Change (1990). She is a past editor of Work, Employment and Society.


'A comparative analysis of the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Finland, the United States and Portugal provides an assessment of the varying impact of state policies, and the changing domestic division of labour.' International Social Security Review 'A useful, important and well-written study, sure to be of value to those interested in work-family issues and gender equality.' Work and Occupations '...a critically engaging and theoretically rigorous read.' Sociology 'This book is a valuable companion for anyone wanting to know about the interactions between paid work and family life. Its highly readable style and pertinence to so many people's live mean that its audience will include interested lay people - as well as students, academics, researchers and policy makers.' British Journal of Industrial Relations '... this is an important and useful book for students at different levels and disciplines, but also for a wider set of readers seeking deeper insights into how life is affected by contemporary developments in work and politics.' Acta Sociologica
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