Teaching with Confidence: A Guide to Enhancing Teacher Self-Esteem

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Februar 2000



`The book is an ideal companion for the newly qualified teacher or for colleagues unfamiliar with social psychological concepts and basic communication theory' - ELAN

Teaching with Confidence shows how to combat the stress and low self-esteem suffered by many teachers. Denis Lawrence focuses on the relationship between stress and self-esteem, and sets out a programme of easy-to-use everyday strategies to reduce the problem.

The author, previously Chief Educational Psychologist for Somerset, has worked with teachers in Somerset, Cornwall and Australia. He has extensive experience of running workshops on the topics of self- esteem enhancement, behavioural difficulties, counselling skills and stress management.


Assessing Personal Characteristics
Threats to Self-Esteem
Characteristics of High Self-Esteem Teachers
Improving Communication Skills
Locus of Control
How to Manage Stress
The Seven-Day Self-Esteem Enhancement Programme
Putting the Job in Perspective


Students of education studies; early childhood education; foundation degree modules on factors affecting learning and individual differences; PGCE primary and secondary.
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