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The second novel from highly acclaimed young writer Susan Fletcher, author of the award-winning 'Eve Green'


Susan Fletcher was born in 1979 in Birmingham. She graduated from the UEA Creative Writing Course and now lives in the West Midlands. This is her second novel.


'[Susan Fletcher] writes with sensitivity and a delicate observation of details.' Daily Telegraph 'Fletcher writes very well indeed on place. Motifs, real and dream-like, of the sea suffuse the book.' Carol Ann Duffy, Sunday Telegraph 'Richly lyrical prose.' The Times '"Oystercatchers" is a stunning novel...both emotionally discomfiting and romantic; at times puzzling, it is profound, beautiful and redemptive. "Oystercatchers" is the work of a seriously talented young author in possession of one of the most poetic and original voices working now. If she can write at this level in her 20s, her potential is breathtaking.' Joanna Briscoe, Guardian 'Her prose is extraordinarily lyrical: haunted, dreamlike and precise, reminiscent at times of Sylvia Plath...Fletcher's words are undeniably beautiful and her themes are profound...a haunting novel.' Sunday Times 'We love "Oystercatchers"...A dazzling novel of love, loss and trust that has a powerful grip.' Woman & Home '"Oystercatchers" is a Glamour must-read...Fletcher is a natural story teller whose well-spun stories draw you in from the first page...compelling reading.' Glamour
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