Renaissance eLearning: Creating Dramatic and Unconventional Learning Experiences

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Januar 2005



Drawing from interviews and learning expiences with several success stories, this book gives e learning practitioners the guidance, encouragement, and best practices they need to get into the actual practice of e learning.


DEDICATION. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. MEET OUR CASE STUDIES AND INTERVIEWEES. CHAPTER 1: FROM "HOW TO?" TO "HOW ABOUT...?" Open Your Mind to New eLearning Possibilities. CHAPTER 2: THE CREATIVE ECONOMY IS COMING! Why a New eLearning Paradigm Is Needed. CHAPTER 3: FROM ANDRAGOGY TO HEUTAGOGY Consider True Self-Directed Learning, If You Dare. CHAPTER 4: LIGHTS, CAMERA, eLEARNING! Emotional eLearning. CHAPTER 5: AS SEEN ON TV Using Narratives and Drama in eLearning. CHAPTER 6: ACTION! Storytelling. CHAPTER 7: WHAT A CHARACTER! The ABCs of Character Development. CHAPTER 8: ARE YOU TALKIN' TO ME? Creating Convincing Dialogue. CHAPTER 9: IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT ... Metaphors and Figures of Speech Capture Attention. CHAPTER 10: VISUALLY ARRESTING Good Graphical Style and Layout Encourage Learning. CHAPTER 11: JUST THE TYPE Increasing Impact Through Word Design. CHAPTER 12: PUTTING THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE Using "Camera" Angle to Attract and Involve. CHAPTER 13: THE CREATIVITY ETHERNET Thinking Outside the Recruiting Box. CHAPTER 14: DIGGING DEEPER DAILY Leveraging Everyday Research. CHAPTER 15: I THINK ABOUT WHAT I THINK, THEREFORE I AM The Benefits of Navel Gazing. CHAPTER 16: THAT'S A WRAP! Truth Is a Pathless Land. MORE ON THE CREATIVE ECONOMY... AND EVEN MORE READING! INDEX.


Samantha Chapnick and Jimm Meloy provide market development and learning services to government and industry.
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