New Directions in Conflict Theory

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August 1991



This is a timely work which explores the validity of rational and subjective approaches to conflict resolution, considers the value of international law and organizations for addressing complex social phenomena, and outlines a structural approach to international conflicts. In addition it extends the analysis of conflict transformation to new issues on the international agenda, such as antagonism between urban and rural areas and threat to the environment.


To Settle or to Transform? Perspectives on the Resolution of National and International Conflicts - Raimo V[um]ayrynen
Subjective Features of Conflict Resolution - Morton Deutsch
Psychological, Social and Cultural Influences
Negotiation, Agreement and Conflict Resolution - Michael Nicholson
The Role of Rational Approaches and their Criticism
International Law in a Fragmented World - Richard Falk
The Challenge of New Issues and New Actors
International Conflict and Environmental Degradation - Michael Renner, Mario Pianta and Cinzia Franchi
The Resolution and Transformation of International Conflicts - Peter Wallensteen
A Structural Perspective
Multilateral Aspects of Conflict Resolution - Juergen Dedring
Urban-Rural Relationships and Social Conflicts in India - Hans Nagpaul
Urbanization, Urban-Rural Cleavages and Conflicts in Latin America - Susana Pe[ti]nalva


Raimo V[um]ayrynen is a Professor of International Relations at the University of Helsinki and Dean of its Social Science Faculty. He is also Chair of the Finnish Social Science Research Council and a member of the Council of the United Nations University. He has published primarily on international relations theory, historical changes in international relations and international security issues. The ISSC Issue Group on Peace chaired by Raimo V[um]yrynen, was set up in 1984. Its aims are to facilitate systematic cooperation between all the social science disciplines in understanding and explaining peace and conflict in the world.


`...a useful and innovative model...contains worthwhile insights and excellent up-to-date bibliographic references' - Canadian Journal of Political Science
`This book is a recommended addition to the field of conflict theory literature. It may be partiuclarly interesting to those who are already quite familiar with the general theories in the area of conflict resolution. The volume contains helpful bibliographical references and insightful analysis.' - Millennium
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