Economic Convergence and Monetary Union in Europe

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Juni 1992



This is the first substantial overview of the prospects for monetary union in Europe post-Maastricht. It provides careful and thorough analysis for the business, industrial and government communities for whom union, and progress towards it, will be a key factor in their success in the 1990s and beyond. Written in non-technical terms, it is an informative and accessible account of this vital issue.


Macroeconomic Convergence in Europe - Robert Anderton, Ray Barrell and Jan Willem in't Veld
Achievements and Prospects
Nominal Convergnce in European Wage Behaviour - Robert Anderton, Ray Barrell and James McHugh
Achievements and Explanations
European Monetary Union - Enno Langfeldt
Design and Implementation
France and Italy - Paolo Onofri and Stefania Tomasini
A Tale of Two Adjustments
The Achievements of ERM and the Preconditions for Monetary Union - Christian Bordes and Eric Giradin
a French Perspective
Irish Experience of Monetary Linkages with the United Kingdom and Developments Since Joining the EMS - John Bradley and Karl Whelan
German Monetary Union and Some Lessons for Europe - Willy Freidman
The Diverse Experience of the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark in the ERM - Jan Willem in't Veld
Real and Nominal Convergence in the EMS - B[ac]en[ac]edicte Larre and Raymond Torres
The Case of Spain, Portugal and Greece
An Ecu Zone for Central and Eastern Europe - Stefan Collignon
A Supportive Framework for Convergence
External Implications of EMU - John Williamson
Cohesion as a Precondition for Monetary Union in Europe - Iain Begg and David Mayes
Prospects for Monetary Union in Europe - Ray Barrell


`many of the chapters will be of interest to political economist, not least because some on macroeconomic convergence are lucid and well supported by a wealth of comparative empirical evidence. Overall a useful and interesting collection' - Political Studies
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