Ska'd for Life

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As a bass player with The Specials in his second-hand suit and pork pie hat, Horace was a member of one of the most innovative and exciting bands to come snarling out of the punk era. Founded by Jerry Dammers, their fusion of punk, reggae, and ska created a new musical fashion--spearheaded by their own Two Tone record label--that stood for unity and racial harmony in a polarized society. This musical odyssey with The Specials moves from their early days on Coventry's punk circuit, to their chart-storming success with singles like "Too Much Too Young" and the eerily prescient "Ghost Town," released as the race riots of 1982 saw Toxteth and Brixton go up in flames. Written with wry humor, this affectionate look at a band whose sublime music remains influential today is a must for all fans of The Specials.


After leaving the Specials Horace played with General Public and later with Specialbeat. Today he teaches art and music to children with special needs during the week but can be found playing his bass on weekends in various pubs around Coventry.
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Untertitel: A Personal Journey with the "Specials". black & white plates. Sprache: Englisch.
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