Building an EU Securities Market

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November 2009



Examines the legal framework that has been established to support a single EU securities market.


1. Overview and introduction to terminology; 2. Law's role in the building of an integrated EU securities market; 3. The regulatory process for securities law-making in the EU; 4. The centrality of disclosure as a regulatory strategy; 5. Issuer disclosure; 6. Institutional supervision of issuer disclosure within the EU; 7. Regulatory competencies: the end of exchange-based regulation and supervision of issuers in the EU?


EILIS FERRAN is a reader in the Law Faculty, University of Cambidge, specialising in corporate and securities law. She was the Director of the Faculty's Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law. She is the author of Company Law and Corporate Finance (1999), and of various articles on corporate law, securities law and financial regulation and is an editor of the Journal of Corporate Law Studies. In 2000 she was a special adviser to the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Financial Services and Market Bill, and more recently has advised the UK Department of Trade and Industry on the Company Law Reform Project. Dr Ferran is a graduate (MA and PHD) of Cambridge University and is a qualified solicitor.


'This is a very intelligent and readable book that will be valuable to any legal practitioner who wants an overview of recent developments in EU securities regulation. ... She reaches a goal that is relatively rare for a scholar: to write a book that will be of interest to both practitioners and scholars.' International Banking Law and Regulation
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