Rejecting Refugees

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Using both accounts by asylum applicants and interviews with lawyers and others involved, this book takes the reader on a journey through the process of applying for asylum in both United States and Great Britain. It evaluates the obstacles asylum applicants face and cultural, procedural, and political discrepancies in political asylum process.


Introduction 1. No More Huddled Masses 2. The System 3. Are You Who You Say You Are 4. Did this Really Happen to You?: The Problem of Credibility 5. Politics Gets Personal: What Counts as Persecution 6. The Personal is Political: Taking Gender Into Account. Conclusion


Carol Bohmer is a lawyer and a sociologist by training. She teaches at Dartmouth College, USA and works pro bono for asylum applicants. Amy Shuman is Professor of English, Women's Studies, and Anthropology at the Ohio State University, USA.


"Rejecting Refugees" intelligently weaves together the experiences of asylum seekers with a detailed examination of refugee status determination in the US and UK to reveal the current state of political asylum. This is both a well-written introduction to the problems faced by refugees seeking protection and a valuable account of how asylum must be reformed if it is to conform to the values Western states claim to represent. Matthew J. Gibney, Elizabeth Colson Lecturer & Reader in Politics and Forced Migration, University of Oxford, UK
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