The Ghosts of Amalgam: The Linking Tome

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Oktober 2007



Where will you stand in the presence of the Dark Phoenix? There is a world where the spirits of mortal men and women wage a war against a terrifying entity...the immortal and powerful Dark Phoenix. And in this world, known to its inhabitants as Amalgam, there is much to fear, such as demons, native beasts, and the Phoenix Loyalists, all who wish to bring about the Second Death. Only a few stand against the Dark Phoenix, the Barons of the Morrigan Nation and their servants. Using magic, ghost abilities such as orbs and indwelling, and shifting between the mortal and ethereal realms, they combat the Dark Phoenix to restore Amalgam to its former state. The most significant of these great defenders is Lauren Walston, a sixteen year-old sophomore and resident of the haunted town of Baker's Creek. But what's so special about her that only she can defeat the Dark Phoenix? To discover that secret you must join her on a magical journey into the realm of the dead and beyond.

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