Civil Procedure & Courts in the South Pacific

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Januar 2004



Compares the main rules of procedure that govern the conduct of civil cases in countries of the South Pacific region, and explains their practical application in the context of the courts in which they operate. This book is designed for use by legal practitioners and those interested in civil procedure in the South Pacific region.


Introduction; Pre-Action Considerations; Courts; Parties; Initiating Proceedings; Service; Appearance, Acknowledgement of Service and Response; Pleadings; Interlocutory Proceedings; Determination Without Trial; Trial; Costs; Execution; Appeal Procedure; Conclusion.


Jennifer Corrin Care is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at the University of Queensland, Australia. She was formerly an Associate Professor in the School of Law at the University of the South Pacific. She practised for nine years in her own firm in the Solomon Islands. She is also admitted in Fiji Islands, England and Wales, and Queensland. Jennifer is the author of Contract Law in the South Pacific (2001) and co-author of Introduction to South Pacific Law (1999), both published by Cavendish Publishing, and Proving Customary Law in the Common Law Courts of the South Pacific (2002), published by the British Institute of international and Comparative Law.
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