How to be a Princess

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With the help of the book's narrator, Princess Petal, the reader learns the craft of being a princess, from etiquette to finding your fairy godmother, and from duties to attending balls.


Etiquette for Princesses;
The Beautiful Princess;
Royal Duties;
The Quest to be a Princess;
A Realm of your Own;
Princes and Suitors;
The Guild of Princesses;
School for Wayward Princesses;
Fairy Godmothers;
Spells and Enchantment;
Going to the Ball;
Happily Ever After;
A Princess Party.


Caitlin Matthews has written several books for children including the best-selling My Very First Book of Princesses which has been printed in 16 languages (Barefoot Books) Bee Willey has illustrated over 20 children's books, most recently The Wooden Dragon (Red Fox, 2005) and Celebrity Cat (Francis Lincoln, 2006).
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