Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits 2006

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November 2006



The aim in this edition has been, once again, to provide an up-to-date text on Welfare Benefits Law: an effective account of the key principles, with practical insights and commentary on the practice of the subject.

The context in which social welfare issues arise, is also important. For that reason there has been some further extension, in this edition, into Community Care Law territory - for example in giving an outline account of the support given, through services as well as financial benefits, to children with disabilities and special needs, their parents, and carers.

As well as current and recent benefits, this updated edition covers developments in:

.ECHR and Human Rights
.Child Support and benefits
.Housing benefits
.Civil partnerships
.State pension
.The role of welfare benefits

A clearer book on a difficult topic does not exist, whether the reader is a claimant, a welfare adviser or a professional.
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