A Simply Chumly Gift for You

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Oktober 2007



This book was written for people on the go and also for people who like to read but only short book and not novels. It is just some thoughts taken from a blog on the Internet titled 'Simply Chumly, ' also authored by this writer, which can be 'googled' and reviewed also on the Internet. Filled with humor and personal trials and life observations, 'A Simply Chumly Gift for You.' Is just what it means, it is a gift. Hopefully the reader will be able to see him or herself in these situations and random thoughts and identify with the author, or not. There is a 'Comment, ' area after each little story or thought, so the reader can have fun and reflect on what was just read. Therefore the book is written for fun in hopes that the reader will have some moments of enjoyment in this hectic time we call life.

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