The Myth of Community: Gender Issues in Participatory Development

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März 1998



The Myth of Community critically assesses how women can be involved more appropriately and equally in participatory approaches and how gender issues can be tackled more meaningfully. Containing a rich array of contributions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, this book provides a variety of viewpoints and perspectives from those most closely involved in participatory approaches to development. This is essential reading for anyone involved in participatory practices in the development sector. Published in the Participation in Development series.


Acknowledgements; Author Profiles; Foreword Robert Chambers; 1. Waking up to power, conflict and process; PART 1 Theoretical Reflections; PART 2 Sharing Experiences in Research and Action; PART 3 Institutional Processes; Notes; Index


Irene Guijt is a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Forestry at ANU and works as a Research Associate for the International Institute for Environment and Development in London. Meera Kaul Shah has degrees in economics, rural management, and gender and development. She has been working in the development field for 17 years supporting various NGOs and government agencies globally.
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